Our team is the key to our success.

SLS Financial was started in 1986 in Kansas City, MO.  By 1990, its multi-faceted real estate, commercial equipment and truck financing brokerage, and direct lending platform was underway.  

Elsewhere in the country in Portland, Oregon, American Leasing Company was founded in 1990 by Tom Davis on the principle that commercial equipment financing should be more accessible to the average business owner.  The company was eventually purchased by Derek Anniston in 2016.

After both companies spent nearly thirty years dominating their regional marketplaces, the owners of each company joined forces in 2018, forming American Equipment Financial Services.

American has grown immensely over the last twenty-five years–taking an investment of around $100,000 and turning it into a multi-million dollar funding machine.

In the last decade, competition has dwindled, allowing American to emerge as one of the premier providers of commercial equipment financing solutions in the United States. Combined, the ownership group has over sixty years of experience and has invested millions in fundings to small and medium-sized businesses in every single US State.  The management group expects 2019 to be a record growth year as we expand our programs and offerings, continually providing our customers with better rates and the highest quality of service in the business.